Thursday, December 1, 2011

Check Pilot Light

At 3:11pm today the maintenance men knocked on my apartment door. I asked them, "what can I help you with"? They said, "we need to come in and check the pilot light on your stove". And they asked if the stove was gas or electric. I said, "it was electric". They asked, "does it go, tick, tick, tick, when you turn on the pilot light"? I said, "I can check that for you, if you can hold on one moment"? They said, "okay". I checked the stove to make sure the pilot lights all came on. Then I walked from the kitchen back to my apartment door. I said to them, "all the pilot lights came on and that it was a gas oven not electric". They said, "okay". Then they left. Let me add that there was no notice given to say that the maintenance men would be coming around to check the stoves in each apartment for a pilot light. They are suppose to give a two day notice any time they need to enter your apartment for anything.