Thursday, December 8, 2011

A Call From Dawn Damolaris

Dawn Damolaris
Assistant Finance Director
Village of Carol Stream
500 North Gary Avenue
Carol Stream IL 60188-1899
630-665-7050 ext 2280
630-868-2280 (number she called me back on)

Dawn Damolaris called me back today at 1:34pm and left a message on my cell phone. She said in the message that she understood that I received two Business Registration forms. She did not know why and that they did not receive anything since 2010 from the IL Dept of Revenue stating the business was closed. She apologized and stated that she "inactivated both of those" (Business Registration forms). She said, "I should not have gotten those" and to call her if I had any other concerns.

Two Business Registration Forms

At 11:52am, I called the Village of Carol Stream and asked to speak to who ever handles Business Registrations. I was transferred to Helene Morrison (Finance Clerk). I told her that I received, in the mail, two Business Registration Forms from:

Village of Carol Stream
500 North Gary Avenue
Carol Stream, Illinois 60188-1899
(630) 665-7050 - Fax (630) 665-7058

One form was addressed to:

Reggies Books
Attn: Licensing and Registration
256 E St Charles Rd, Apt 2B
Carol Stream, IL 60188
ID#: 2469

The second form was addressed to:

Reggie Books
Attn: Licensing and Registration
256 E St Charles Rd, Apt 2B
Carol Stream, IL 60188
ID#: 2470

I asked her why were these sent to me when all I have is a blog. She said she didn't know and that I should talk to Sue Sullivan (another Finance Clerk), Sue's number is 630-868-2283. I asked her why I needed to speak with another Finance Clerk. She said, "It's because Sue is the one who puts the information into the system". But, she said, "Sue was unavailable to take the call because it was so close to lunch time". So, I asked who the Supervisor was and may I speak to her. She gave me her name which is Dawn Damolaris (Assistant Finance Director). But she insisted I speak with Sue Sullivan instead. So I asked to speak with Sue. She transferred the call to Sue. The call was transferred at 12:02pm.

Sue answered the phone. I told her the same thing I told Helene. Sue said, "They must have gotten it (my information) from the Revenue Service". I explained to her that all I have is a blog. I told her that I had an online used book store at one time. But I closed that business with the Internal Revenue Service some time ago back in 2009 or 2010. She said, they never received anything stating that the business was closed. I told her that I was told by the IRS that nothing more than a phone call to them was all I needed to do.

I asked her the date of the information they had. She said it was back in 2010. I told her that was when Reggie's Books was closed as an online used book store. And that both Business Registration forms had the wrong names on them. Because of that I did not have to respond to the mailings. She said it did not matter. They were still going to continue to send out these forms to my address. I asked for Dawn Damolaris' direct phone number. She gave me this number 630-665-7050 ext 2280. I said thank you and I hung up. I called Dawn Damolaris at 12:10pm and left a message for her to call me back at her earliest convenience.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Check Pilot Light

At 3:11pm today the maintenance men knocked on my apartment door. I asked them, "what can I help you with"? They said, "we need to come in and check the pilot light on your stove". And they asked if the stove was gas or electric. I said, "it was electric". They asked, "does it go, tick, tick, tick, when you turn on the pilot light"? I said, "I can check that for you, if you can hold on one moment"? They said, "okay". I checked the stove to make sure the pilot lights all came on. Then I walked from the kitchen back to my apartment door. I said to them, "all the pilot lights came on and that it was a gas oven not electric". They said, "okay". Then they left. Let me add that there was no notice given to say that the maintenance men would be coming around to check the stoves in each apartment for a pilot light. They are suppose to give a two day notice any time they need to enter your apartment for anything.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

I Want to Set the Record Straight

I began attending a church named Wheaton Christian Center in 1992. It is located at:

610 East North Avenue
Carol Stream IL 60188

I left that church. I had been back there on and off periodically. I noticed that after I started attending that church is when all the trouble began. The trouble escalated in 2009. Everywhere I went people were bullying me. I believe that there are lies being spread around about me that are not true. I believe that people are saying and doing things behind my back to make me look bad in the eyes of others.  The church has a record of my social security number.

I'm writing this to set the record straight. I have not said anything bad about anyone. I live my life in such a way as to mind my own business. If I have offended anyone in times past, then I apologize. I mean no harm to anyone. I am a peace loving human being.

I do not want to accuse anyone unjustly. All I'm asking is that you don't believe what others say about me. If you want to know anything about me then come and ask me personally. I will tell you what you want to know.

This website and the information on it will have all the places on the Internet where you will find me. I have NO other websites or blogs out there. If you see any others, they are NOT mine.

This post was originally posted on 10-31-11 on Reggie's Books Home Page.

Villagebrook Apartments Community Meeting

Flyers were put on everyone's door here at:

Villagebrook Apartments
278 East Saint Charles Road
Carol Stream IL 60188

Regarding a meeting with:

Carol Stream Police Department
500 North Gary Avenue
Carol Stream IL 60188

This is what the flyer said:


The Carol Stream Police Department invites you to attend an informational meeting. The presentation will cover recent Villagebrook Apartment events, the community policing philosophy, crime prevention and available services.

Location: Villagebrook Apartments Community Center
278 E. St. Charles Road

When: Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Time: 6:30 PM to 9:00 PM

At the meeting they served food and drinks. I attended the meeting for about the first half hour but then I had to leave. In that half hour the Carol Stream Police mentioned an incident that happened here at Villagebrook Apartments that involved 6 arrests and a police shooting. The officer said that the bullets whizzed right by the heads of some children that live here. These children live in entrance 256 apartment GD according to a neighbor who did community watch.

A neighbor told me that the shots were even here at the entrance I live in which is:

256 East Saint Charles Road
Carol Stream IL 60188

This neighbor also said that some shots were shot up in the air and came close to the window of my neighbor in entrance 256 apartment 2D. I live in the same entrance 256 apartment 2B.

Villagebrook Apartments is a complex with over 100 apartments. Most of the people that live here are black single mothers with young children. Most of them are on section 8. I have lived here since September of 1994. I am a single mother and I have an 18 year old son.

In the meeting, the police were telling us to call them if we see anything wrong in the neighborhood. They talked about how they never get any calls from the residents here. But, that is not true. I have called the police on several occasions. Initially they responded by coming to my door. But, then they would not respond or they would show up more than an hour late. The last time I called the police one officer showed up and tried to kick in my door and beat off the doorknob.

I have had some previous run-ins with the police such as traffic tickets. One time they issued me at least four tickets for the same offense and I had to go to court about it. I thought that you could not be tried twice for the same offense according to the Constitution:

Amendment V

...nor shall any person be subject for the same offense to be twice put in jeopardy of life or limb...

It was for not having a city sticker on my car windshield. I explained to the judge that I would pay if I had the money but could not pay due to unemployment. He said I still had to pay the tickets. On one of the tickets the judge started to write other charges also but when he asked me if I had other charges as well. I responded to him and said I knew nothing of any other charges. He said "Oh, I must have mixed up your case with someone else's." Things got so bad with the police giving me tickets that I finally had to sell my car so they would not issue me anymore tickets. I also offered to do community service to pay off the tickets but the lady I spoke to on the phone at the district court house said that they "were not going to let me get off free."

The meeting tonight was an effort by the police to try and smooth things over with the residents here at Villagebrook Apartments. They were being extra nice to everyone that showed up to the meeting. Even the property manager, Angel L. Swan, was at the meeting. She was being particularly nice to me which I found odd being that I have 2 pink slips in my resident file here at the management office. Once you get 3 pink slips, they evict you. She offered for me to sit at the front of the meeting were the police were but I opted to sit in the back of the room.

I thought about the meeting and how nice everyone seemed and asked myself why was everyone being so nice? I think they are afraid of getting attention to the way they police the community especially here at Villagebrook Apartments.

Living here at Villagebrook Apartments is getting dangerous not because of the criminal activity in the complex but because of the Carol Stream Police.