Thursday, December 8, 2011

Two Business Registration Forms

At 11:52am, I called the Village of Carol Stream and asked to speak to who ever handles Business Registrations. I was transferred to Helene Morrison (Finance Clerk). I told her that I received, in the mail, two Business Registration Forms from:

Village of Carol Stream
500 North Gary Avenue
Carol Stream, Illinois 60188-1899
(630) 665-7050 - Fax (630) 665-7058

One form was addressed to:

Reggies Books
Attn: Licensing and Registration
256 E St Charles Rd, Apt 2B
Carol Stream, IL 60188
ID#: 2469

The second form was addressed to:

Reggie Books
Attn: Licensing and Registration
256 E St Charles Rd, Apt 2B
Carol Stream, IL 60188
ID#: 2470

I asked her why were these sent to me when all I have is a blog. She said she didn't know and that I should talk to Sue Sullivan (another Finance Clerk), Sue's number is 630-868-2283. I asked her why I needed to speak with another Finance Clerk. She said, "It's because Sue is the one who puts the information into the system". But, she said, "Sue was unavailable to take the call because it was so close to lunch time". So, I asked who the Supervisor was and may I speak to her. She gave me her name which is Dawn Damolaris (Assistant Finance Director). But she insisted I speak with Sue Sullivan instead. So I asked to speak with Sue. She transferred the call to Sue. The call was transferred at 12:02pm.

Sue answered the phone. I told her the same thing I told Helene. Sue said, "They must have gotten it (my information) from the Revenue Service". I explained to her that all I have is a blog. I told her that I had an online used book store at one time. But I closed that business with the Internal Revenue Service some time ago back in 2009 or 2010. She said, they never received anything stating that the business was closed. I told her that I was told by the IRS that nothing more than a phone call to them was all I needed to do.

I asked her the date of the information they had. She said it was back in 2010. I told her that was when Reggie's Books was closed as an online used book store. And that both Business Registration forms had the wrong names on them. Because of that I did not have to respond to the mailings. She said it did not matter. They were still going to continue to send out these forms to my address. I asked for Dawn Damolaris' direct phone number. She gave me this number 630-665-7050 ext 2280. I said thank you and I hung up. I called Dawn Damolaris at 12:10pm and left a message for her to call me back at her earliest convenience.