Wednesday, April 1, 2015

What Shapes Your Mind?

Your mind acts like an empty computer.  When you buy a computer, it is an empty receptacle ready to receive data to be programmed into it.  Once it has been programmed, the programs will tell or command the computer on what to do and the computer will execute or obey those commands otherwise it is reprogrammed.  The computer is expected to do as it is commanded to do.  Those programs acts like a master and the computer acts like a slave.  The data fed into it are the programs.

What is data?  Data is the plural for datum.  Datum is a piece of information or code.  Code is a system for communication.  That communication can take any form that enters through your senses and then to your mind.  Once it gets to your mind, it takes over and begins to control you.  You will need to head it off at the pass, i.e., your senses.  What are your senses?  Your senses are what you see, hear, smell, taste, and touch.  So then, code is used to communicate a piece of information to your mind through your senses, i.e., what you see, hear, smell, taste, and touch.  Code is used to communicate a message or messages to your mind.  In other words, your mind is being programmed to obey the message being communicated to it.  Everything in media is programming.  Food is programming.  Anything communicated to your senses is programming.  Everything around you that communicates a message is programming.  Even your relationships can be used to program your thinking.  These things are what shapes your mind.  It shapes how you think, what you believe, which in turn shapes how you behave just like a computer executing the commands the programs tell it to execute.  Just like the computer is a slave to obey those programs, people become enslaved to obey the messages communicated to them through the media, food, relationships, and the environment around them.  Your mind becomes the battlefield for attack from the enemy who can slip in code subliminally.

What can you do about it?  Because data can be used to attack your mind,  you will need to guard against attack.  But, how?  Your five senses are gateways to your mind through which the enemy can come in to takeover and control your mind.  The way to protect your mind is to protect the gateways to the mind.  You will need to control your senses.  In biblical times, a gate with high walls was built around a city with only one way in and out of that city.  A guard was put on that gate to watch for intruders.  Your mind is the city.  Your senses are the gates.  You will need to act as the guard to watch for intruding code.  The gates that need immediate protection is your eye, ear, and hand gates.  Even though it is technically not a gate, it should be treated as one and that is your mouth.  So, you will need to guard what you see, hear, touch, and say, in order to protect your mind.  How does the mouth effect your mind?  The tongue has the power of life and death in it (see Proverbs 18:21).  The words you speak are creative.  They can create life to you or death to you depending on what you say about yourself or depending on the words you speak over your life.  For example, if you say, I feel sick.  Do not be surprised if you actually become sick.  Your words can speak things into existence.  So, be careful what you say over your life.  I hope you find this post helpful.  May God bless you!