Saturday, August 3, 2013

Book of Revelation Outline

In the Book of Daniel, God decreed 70 weeks from the command to restore and to build Jerusalem until the end of this age (see Daniel 9:24-27).  The word “weeks" in the Hebrew means a week of years (1 week = 7 years).  The first 69 weeks started when Nehemiah received the command from Artaxerxes, king of Persia, to rebuild Jerusalem (see Nehemiah 2:5-11) and ended some time before the crucifixion of Jesus Christ (around 33 A.D.).  This leaves the 70th Week of Daniel, a 7 year period, to take place in the future.  God put a gap of time (from 33 A.D. to the present) between the 69th and 70th Weeks of Daniel.  That gap of time is for the salvation of the Gentiles (see Romans 11:11-32).  According to the Book of Daniel, the 70th week will begin with the signing of a peace treaty between Israel and the world dictator, the Antichrist (see Daniel 9:27, Matthew 24:15, and 2 Thessalonians 2:3-4).

First 69 Weeks of Daniel (around 450 B.C. to 33 A.D.)
Gap of Time (around 33 A.D. to present)
70th Week of Daniel (a 7 year period from the signing of the Israeli peace treaty to the end of the world)

The Book of Revelation is about the 70th Week of Daniel.  It is a prophecy of symbolically real people, places, and events that will happen in the near future.

Jesus’ Warning to the Seven Churches (chapters 1-3)
Jesus is Worthy to Open the Book with 7 Seals to Commence the 70th Week (chapters 4-5)
The 70th Week of Daniel, a 7 year period (chapters 6-9)
During the Middle of the 70th Week of Daniel (chapters 10-14)
The Wrath of God on the Unrepentant (chapters 15-19)
The Commencement of Eternity Future (chapters 20-22)

Chapter 1
                Greeting to the Seven Churches (verses 1-8)
                The Alpha and Omega (verses 9-11)
                The First and the Last (verses 12-20)

Chapter 2
                The Church in Ephesus (verses 1-7)
                The Church in Smyrna (verses 8-11)
                The Church in Pergamos (verses 12-17)
                The Church in Thyatira (verses 18-29)

Chapter 3
                The Church in Sardis (verses 1-6)
                The Church in Philadelphia (verses 7-13)
                The Church in Laodicea (verses 14-22)

Chapter 4
                The Throne Set in Heaven (verses 1-11)

Chapter 5
                The Book Sealed with Seven Seals (verses 1-10)
                Worthy is the Lamb (verses 11-14)

Chapter 6
                The First Seal Opened (verses 1-2)
                The Second Seal Opened (verses 3-4)
                The Third Seal Opened (verses 5-6)
                The Fourth Seal Opened (verses 7-8)
                The Fifth Seal Opened (verses 9-11)
                The Sixth Seal Opened (verses 12-17)

Chapter 7
                Twelve Thousand Sealed From Each Tribe (verses 1-8)
                A Multitude in White Robes (verses 9-17)

Chapter 8
                The Seventh Seal Opened (verses 1-2)
                An Angel Offers Incense (verses 3-6)
                The First Trumpet (verse 7)
                The Second Trumpet (verses 8-9)
                The Third Trumpet (verses 10-11)
                The Fourth Trumpet (verses 12-13)

Chapter 9
                The Fifth Trumpet (verses 1-12)
                The Sixth Trumpet (verses 13-21)

Chapter 10
                An Angel and Seven Thunders (verses 1-7)
                The Sweet and Bitter Book (verses 8-11)

Chapter 11
                The Prophecy of the Two Witnesses (verses 1-6)
                The Beast of the Bottomless Pit (verses 7-14)
                The Seventh Trumpet (verses 15-19)

Chapter 12
                The Woman with Child (verses 1-6)
                War Against the Dragon (verses 7-12)
                The Dragon’s Persecution of the Woman (verses 13-17)

Chapter 13
                The Beast of the Sea (verses 1-10)
                The Beast of the Earth (verses 11-18)

Chapter 14
                The Redeemed with the Lamb (verses 1-5)
                The Angels’ Messages (verses 6-13)
                The Ripe Harvest (verses 14-20)

Chapter 15
                The Seven Last Plagues (verses 1-4)
                The Tabernacle of the Testimony (verses 4-8)

Chapter 16
                The Seven Vials of God’s Wrath (verse 1)
                The First Vial (verse 2)
                The Second Vial (verse 3)
                The Third Vial (verses 4-7)
                The Fourth Vial (verses 8-9)
                The Fifth Vial (verses 10-11)
                The Sixth Vial (verses 12-16)
                The Seventh Vial (verses 17-21)

Chapter 17
                The Woman and the Scarlet Beast (verses 1-6)
                The Mystery of the Woman and the Beast (verses 7-18)

Chapter 18
                Babylon is Fallen (verses 1-3)
                Babylon’s Iniquities (verses 4-8)
                Babylon’s Destruction (verses 9-20)
                Babylon Will Be Thrown Down (verses 21-24)

Chapter 19
                The Judgment of the Great Whore (verses 1-3)
                The Elders and the Four Beasts (verses 4-8)
                The Marriage Supper of the Lamb (verses 9-10)
                The Righteous Judge (verses 11-18)
                The Capture of the Beast (verses 19-21)

Chapter 20
                Satan Bound for a Thousand Years (verses 1-6)
                The Lake of Fire and Brimstone (verses 7-10)
                The Book of Life (verses 11-15)

Chapter 21
                A New Heaven, a New Earth, and a New Jerusalem (verses 1-5)
                The Fountain of Life (verses 6-14)
                The Golden Reed (verses 15-21)
                The City’s Light and Glory (verses 22-27)

Chapter 22
                The Pure River of Life (verses 1-6)
                Jesus Will Come Quickly (verses 7-11)
                The Bright and Morning Star (verses 12-17)
                Come, Lord Jesus (verses 18-21)